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Ghost migrations 0.7.40

Hello again.

After I tried to reinstall existing Askbot installation, I found strange error on database migrate:

! These migrations are in the database but not on disk:
<askbot: 0108_auto__add_field_thread_score>
<askbot: 0109_denormalize_question_vote_to_thread>
<askbot: 0110_auto__add_field_thread_added_at>
<askbot: 0111_populate__thread__added_at>
<askbot: 0112_add_model_ReplyAddress>
<askbot: 0113_auto__add_field_thread_added_at__add_field_thread_score__add_field_rep>

Askbot: dev;
Python: 2.6.6
South: 2.7.4
MySQL: 5.1.61

Can it be fixed?