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sharing questions - tiny url problem

I am having a problem when I try to share questions (through any of the social networks) because of tinyurl.

When I share a question, the url I am passing as a parameter is undefined

Here is the url:

This is the ajax call I am doing:

image description

If I try to make the same call in a direct call I am getting this message:

jQuery17208261362977791578_1337297739022({"ok": false, "error": "The API call urlfetch.Fetch() required more quota than is available."})

Does any of you have the same problem? Is it anything broken in the latest sources or I destroyed something? I am running askbot 0.7.42.

Bu the way, if I replace in post.js this line

url = url.replace('{URL}', data.tinyurl);

with this line

url = url.replace('{URL}', URL);

sharing is working! But not with tiny urls.

Any advice?