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Implementing language choice


First, thanks for developing this piece of software, it is impressive.

We are trying to implement a QA site for support that we're trying to make available in different languages and we do not want to mix the languages but we would still like to allow users to browse and post in the QA-section for other languages, thus different instances of Askbot is not the best option.

It seems like this is not possible with the current version of Askbot and the groups feature does not seem to be exactly what we're looking for. Is this planned in any future releases?

We may try to implement this otherwise. Do you have any suggestions regarding how this could be implemented? Also, do you have any other means of communicating between developers, it would be nice to feel that we are are part of the community of Askbot while we're doing this, for asking quick questions regarding how to do this and that and hearing about how development proceeds and what the roadmap is etc..

Kind regards,