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2014-06-24 17:28:30 -0600 commented answer anyone else see update user in admin causing errors?

@Evgeny, +1 on this error. I am unfortunately not well verse in DB realm. Thank you

2014-04-09 16:03:31 -0600 answered a question IRC cahnnel for Askbot

Logged in to. Hopefully everyone takes notice and join the chat

2014-04-01 11:50:55 -0600 commented answer IntegrityError when updating user

Hi @Evgeny, Do you have a procedure/patch in place for this? Thank you

2014-03-25 13:17:49 -0600 commented answer api/v1/users only showing the 1st 10 not all

Hey Evgeny, Thanks for the pointer, just to confirm, it's basically /api/v1/users/?page=x? That seems to work, it's just the trailing / after the users is throwing me off I was just expecting users?page=x (i could be wrong here). Either way, This may or may not work for our implementation we'll see. The other api I might work on is 'api/v1/users/$username' that returns general information instead of /$user_id. The information is useful for us integrating some stats into our other internal systems. Thanks

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2014-03-24 17:37:14 -0600 commented question Is there any API is available for askbot?

There's one a page for it in the documentation however I'm wondering why it's only showing the 1st 10 entry (I also have a question posted)

2014-03-24 17:29:44 -0600 asked a question api/v1/users only showing the 1st 10 not all

the api/v1/users is only showing the 1st 10 users and their general information. The documentation has optional parameters however I'm can't seem to bring it up properly.

I'd be interested to extract username and karma points off the api. Hopefully someone has done this.

Thank you

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2014-03-21 11:25:34 -0600 commented question Limited Markdowns in comment sections

I have to use < code >

2014-03-21 11:22:21 -0600 commented question Limited Markdowns in comment sections

But when I use the code block it seems to work

2014-03-21 11:21:51 -0600 commented question Limited Markdowns in comment sections

As an example, when I want an inline code block, I can't use `acute`

2014-03-19 18:33:27 -0600 answered a question questions are truncated after 0.7.49 upgrade

This has been resolved.
Needed to clear my memcache after the upgrade

python generate_post_snippets
2014-03-19 12:46:32 -0600 asked a question questions are truncated after 0.7.49 upgrade


Has anyone noticed that existing questions after the upgrade was truncated with ellipsis? Has anyone been able to solve this?

Thank you

2014-03-14 19:18:01 -0600 asked a question Limited Markdowns in comment sections


It looks like the comment section has limited capabilities in terms of markdowns. bold, italic seems to be okay however it seems its unable to render codes like this, urls or even


Does anyone have any idea how to at least enable code markdown? A lot of my users post in the comment if a reply spawns into its own discussion, typically a code markdown is needed.

Hopefully someone can have an insight.

Thank you

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2013-08-29 13:01:26 -0600 commented question Links in comments

@Evgeny, Hi, I just pulled the latest from github to run it on my test instance and it seems markdowns are still not supported in the comments. Just checking if this feature has been scratched or not. Thank you

2013-08-29 12:55:33 -0600 commented question Plain URLs should render as links in preview

Testing: Internal askbot instance does not parse markdown properly in comment. I should be able to click this [link](

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2013-06-04 18:08:44 -0600 marked best answer haystack python rebuild_index error


I've been struggling to enable haystack w/ solr backend on a test instance but I'm hitting the error below. So it seems I should be building my own user_text.txt template and head the django template language. If anyone had ran into this problem or have a template they'd like share I'd appreciate it!

Thank you

2013-06-04 18:08:43 -0600 commented answer haystack python rebuild_index error

Thanks for all the help again guys. Search is now working my test instance. Now looking into the sub app to manage update_indexing.

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