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It seems to be a missing feature, I added following code to the assert_is_visible_to_user_groups function in user_groups_ids = set(user.get_groups().values_list('id', flat = True)) user_groups_membership_ids = set(GroupMembership.objects.filter(group__in = user_groups_ids, level = GroupMembership.PENDING).values_list('group_id', flat = True)) user_groups = user_groups_ids - user_groups_membership_ids if post_groups.filter(id__in = user_groups).count() == 0: raise exception(message) This fixed my problem

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2013-10-20 04:26:47 -0600 asked a question Managed Groups visibility of Questions

I want to use managed groups in my environment. Unfortunately the feature does not work as expected. Users who have an open join request are able see and post questions in the group. From my point of view there should be an restriction, only accepted users should have these rights.

Is this feature missing, or do I need to create special permissions?

I use the current askbot version from git.

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I encounter the same error. Fresh install of askbot. Django 1.4.2 Postgres 8.4 Python 2.6

2013-07-11 06:13:16 -0600 answered a question Trying AGAIN to install askbot on a clean server and getting TypeError

Do you use django > 1.4? I think there is still an error try version 1.4.2 instead.