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2013-09-23 08:18:45 -0500 commented question UnicodeEncodeError at /questions/ask/
2013-09-23 08:15:02 -0500 commented question Problem running askbot migrations on postgresql DB.

I think you have some connection error with postgre server, the second about "forum_anonymousanswer" it's say it does not exist in your table, try to add this table (just new empty table).

2013-09-23 07:57:27 -0500 answered a question Bug: Deleting a User

It's better to not delete any user. And only move this user to blocked user group.

Blocked users can only login and send feedback to the site administrators, their url and profile will also be hidden.

2013-09-23 07:52:39 -0500 commented answer How to insert code block in comment

What you mean by default? a lot will prefer text-only in comment, so if it an option to change at any time it's better. Also in Markdown for comment you can use h1 h2 h3 which is a bad idea in comments, I think we should allow only **Bold** *Italic* `code` text link ..

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2013-09-17 13:44:59 -0500 edited answer Is there a way to hide/turn off the badge functionality?

You can completely hide it using the following option in askbot settings panel

Open page: settings > Reputation, Badges, Votes & Flags > Karma & Badge visibility

Now you should viewing a page with two option

  • visibility of karma: it's the points module/feature
  • visibility of badges: set this option to "Hide completely" and save your settings.

there is an issue here BTW, when you select "Hide completely" for visibility of badges and save your new settings, it's will hide also the karma points from UserToolsNav

2013-09-10 03:06:02 -0500 answered a question How to block users with specific email addresses?

Not sure about ban current users with email, maybe you could do manually SQL query in db.

also you have option in live settings to allow user registrations with custom set of emails like ....etc.

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2013-09-03 18:01:18 -0500 answered a question How to turn on email validation?
  1. Login as Admin and open /settings in your browser
  2. Go to Data rules & Formatting > Access Control /settings/ACCESS_CONTROL/
  3. You should see option for "Require valid email for" , so chose from a drop down list "Access to content" and save settings.

Note: it will be enabled for new/future user registrations only.

2013-09-03 15:50:31 -0500 commented question UI Designer for an askbot-based website

I like the idea of multi post type. I think you have to contact with @Evgeny , and maybe post your job on freelance websites.

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2013-08-30 18:44:32 -0500 commented answer is it possible to add <pre> </pre> tags

I think if we use something like $you code here$ instead of 4 white spaces it will be easier.

2013-08-30 18:35:48 -0500 commented answer word with `_` in doesn't appear correctly

I think this option should be enabled by default, no need for two methods for bold and italic text.

2013-08-30 12:48:59 -0500 answered a question Can the help page be improved?

This can be done by any web designer with skills HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It's all about templates modification with few new classes in style.css, and maybe some effects using JS.

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2013-08-20 16:28:37 -0500 commented question DatabaseError: server closed the connection unexpectedly

have you check the DB server log? this issue its very general, and we have to more understand your deployment .. but i'm sure its not Askbot issue

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2013-08-20 07:52:23 -0500 commented question How to enable Unicode in URL slug?

Ok, but why it's not placed as comment in for easy on/off :)

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2013-08-19 21:25:38 -0500 answered a question How to enable Unicode in URL slug?

To enable this feature, simply open and at the end of file, insert as new line


Save file, and restart web-server.

2013-08-19 21:23:44 -0500 asked a question How to enable Unicode in URL slug?

I have Searched a lot in Askbot source code to understand how Askbot deal with URL slugs.

Why unicode url? because my Askbot site using Arabic language and all user input in Arabic, only 20% in English.

I found the solution and I'll write it as answer. However, I really can't understand why this not enabled by default?

At least it should be placed as comment in and any one can enable it by uncomment the option.

A lot of Askbot power are not documented, this what I unlike in Askbot, each time I have to do something not documented in Askbot I have to read some source code, well not everyone understand Python/Django, and it's waste of time.

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2013-08-16 17:34:22 -0500 commented question Links in Comments are not always as expected

I confirm this, this happen when you insert the link at the end of your comment text, not tested a lot but it looks like when the JS convert the text to URL.

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2013-08-16 15:41:26 -0500 answered a question How to enable Addthis sharing content?

Solution is the following

First, register with and chose the sharing services you like For example "Share Buttons" and copy the JS code.

Now open this template using any editor


remove the code in this file or comment the code with

<!-- orginal code Start
orginal code end -->

And insert your AddThis JS code in this file, save file, upload (using FTP) and replace.

Note: the option "Track when users share by copying your URL" will break your title in browsers and google search, so you have to disable it, maybe @Evgeny could help with this.

2013-08-16 15:32:01 -0500 asked a question How to enable Addthis sharing content?

Askbot by default support sharing for major social networks like facebook and Twitter. However, I would like to use which is support more networks and support sharing counts per social network.

Also Addthis offer Smart Layers which is really awesome, and can boost traffic and views for your Q/A site.

2013-08-16 09:49:39 -0500 commented question DatabaseError: server closed the connection unexpectedly

What DB server you use?

2013-08-14 11:59:23 -0500 commented answer How does user `unregister` himself?

BTW is there any option to change permissions for blocked/suspended users ?

2013-08-11 17:27:32 -0500 commented answer Strange error in Deploying with Apache + WSGI and Debug = False

Agree, this days all web-servers running on multi-core processor and maybe dual and quad processor!

2013-08-11 17:02:37 -0500 commented answer Strange error in Deploying with Apache + WSGI and Debug = False

Are you using [CACHE_BACKEND = 'locmem://'] if yes, please use local file caching it's better , and if possible switch to memcached it's the best for more see

2013-08-11 13:41:17 -0500 commented answer Strange error in Deploying with Apache + WSGI and Debug = False

I solve it by disabling the develop mode, I found that with develop mode I can't disable debug mode!