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2014-08-17 16:51:57 -0600 commented question "sorry, but older votes cannot be revoked"

If you can't change your vote, you're less likely to vote on whim. Knowing that once you've voted you can't change it means that most people will think before voting, which I think is a Good Idea.

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2014-08-11 18:28:50 -0600 commented answer Clicking on "flag offensive" doesn't seem to do anything

What good does it do to block an IP address when almost nobody uses a static IP any more? And, if they're using a public WiFi hotspot, blocking the IP just blocks anybody else who happens to use that hotspot from posting here. Isn't that throwing out the baby with the bath water?

2014-08-11 14:10:48 -0600 asked a question phantom posts in moderation queue

Recently, activated moderation because of a persistent spammer, and I became a moderator. Even after I'd dealt with everything in my queue, I'd be told that there were still posts to moderate and the number gradually grew. Now, moderation has been turned off but I'm still being told that there are 46 posts to moderate, although nothing shows up. How do I get rid of them. (From what I can tell, none of the other moderators are seeing this.)