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2013-12-16 11:29:48 -0500 asked a question What is the difference between livesearch/autocomplete and search button?

I noticed a difference when searching. On, if I search for "zurb" then no results come up in live search / autocomplete. If instead I click the search button, 4-5 results are found. The difference seems to be that when you click the search button, the answer text is searched and the results are properly surfaced. The livesearch/autocomplete search seems only to use tags and question text.

Is there a reason for this (performance?) or is it an oversight

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2013-11-22 14:56:03 -0500 answered a question Unable to add second user after fresh install and using postgresql

/admin seems to be broken. I received the same error when trying to promote a user to super user. Evgeny had responded by suggesting that some extra code is needed in the signal handler to do the delete.

I also experienced a lot of errors when running the migrations, errors that stopped the script, after the initial syncdb.

You could add the user via the signup page or wait for a fix.

2013-11-21 11:11:18 -0500 commented question anyone else see update user in admin causing errors?

sorry, I didn't express myself well. I meant to show that I have all migrations successful through 170, but I am still seeing this error wherein I cannot modify a user's status because of the foreign key constraint. I had initially suspected that some migration must have failed to make this error happen. I will take a look at the m2m_changed with pre_delete and try to make a patch. I would think that this is a common case to elevate someone to staff or superuser.

2013-11-19 15:09:47 -0500 asked a question anyone else see update user in admin causing errors?

Brand new askbot install latest code within 1 week. linux centOS, postgresql 9.3, python 2.7.5.

running python runserver hostname -i:8000

I added the first user to get an admin user.
Second user by normal signup.
Then I go into /admin as first user and try to give the second user "staff" status.

but I get a database error:

update or delete on table "auth_user_groups" violates foreign key constraint "authusergroups_ptr_id_refs_id_e728db87" on table "askbot_groupmembership" DETAIL: Key (id)=(7) is still referenced from table "askbot_groupmembership".

it seems that in order to do this, one must first delete rows from askbot_groupmembership.

migrations all run, but somehow I am still getting this error 170 | askbot | 0170_auto__add_field_group_read_only

if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate some advice.

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2013-11-13 00:47:43 -0500 answered a question NameError: global name 'User' is not defined (Fresh install) (askbot only)

I just did a new install with latest from askbot on github. The machine is a new linux box with python 2.7 and postgresql 9.3. Everything went well until I did python syncdb and python migrate askbot

I received DataBaseError 17 times, usually because a Constraint already existed and thus could not be created again, or because it did not exist and therefore could not be dropped. To get around this, I kept psql running and manually dropped a database constraint if required (alter table foo drop constraint bar) or I would open the migration file and comment out code that was trying to remove constraints that did not exist. Then I would run the migration again and it would succeed.

I also received many harmless "fatal errors" in the migrations, usually for adding a column that already existed. Overall it was not fun, but I am glad it is over.

The most difficult part was getting askbot to run under gunicorn, as it could not find the file and thus would not start. I finally found a solution to add an entry in the file.


I have nginx proxying requests back to gunicorn, which is running under supervisord. Now all is well on this box, but still more work to do with LDAP authentication.

2013-11-09 16:57:13 -0500 commented question NameError: global name 'User' is not defined (Fresh install) (askbot only)

I am getting something similar- brand new install python 2.7, postgresql 9.3, linux. homepage shows up find, but when i click sign in, i get an error: column askbot_anonymousquestion.is_anonymous does not exist LINE 1: ..."."title", "askbot_anonymousquestion"."tagnames", "askbot_an... so something is wrong with the migrations. I have tried doing syncdb --all, and migrate askbot, migrate django_authopenid

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2013-08-03 11:37:25 -0500 asked a question 0.7.49 is coming?

0.7.48 has been the most current release for some time now. Is askbot building toward a release or is it best to just deploy the latest?

i noticed is still running 0.7.48. The reason I ask is simply to understand so that I can plan, I am not trying to be whiny or demanding.

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2013-02-27 16:25:54 -0500 commented answer live search issue with enter key on sandbox

I am using latest code: $ git log -2 commit cec681f1b4551e3d8588cf2d22e4eae3a8c08b66 Author: Evxxxx Fxxxxx <xxxx> Date: Tue Feb 26 19:38:21 2013 -0300

allowed search by email address in the user search bar
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2013-02-27 16:03:55 -0500 asked a question live search issue with enter key on sandbox

with latest code 0.7.48

On if I do live search (e.g. migration) and then use up and down arrow keys to select a question on the drop menu and then press enter key when I find the one I want to see, everything works fine.

In my sandbox on the other hand, (python develop; python runserver '') then the enter key does not take me to the question. Instead I am taken to some other search (http://localhost:8000/questions/scope:all/sort:activity-desc/query:abacus/page:1/).

I have narrowed down the problem to two "keydown" handlers getting installed.

in live_search.js, FullTextSearch sets the keydown hander

// enable query box
var main_page_eval_handle;

and SearchDropMenu installs another keydown handler in createDom


It seems to me that the handler in SearchDropMenu performs the correct action - navigating to the url of the item. I commented out the keydown for FullTextSearch and it works as expected.

The mysterious part for me is that I used Chrome to test this my sandbox and side by side. Using the debugger, I could see that the executed the proper keydown handler every time and on my sandbox it executed the other keydown handler every time.

Should there be only one key event handler? Is there something different about production and sandbox that would make one execute instead of another?

2012-02-02 12:07:27 -0500 commented answer search results not what I expect - possible defect

thanks for your answer. I'll look into migrating but at first blush it does not sound easy.

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2012-01-31 12:07:23 -0500 asked a question search results not what I expect - possible defect

we noticed this problem in our company's askbot installation.

Here is how to reproduce it: if one searches for "can i edit the footer" on, the question with the same title does not appear in the search results. in other words, if you search using the title of a question, that question does not appear in the results. Maybe something to do with the common words "can I edit the", but I would think that since the question is tagged with "footer" that it would show up.

Hopefully by writing these keywords in my question I have not broken the repro steps above.

Thanks for your insight into this