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2015-10-05 10:58:34 -0500 marked best answer Can we force the karma to show on the line after the name?

It looks like if your karma is over 1000, and you've got lots of badges, the karma appears beside the username in your answers. Just adding a
before the karma tag fixes this. I'm adding it to my server, and my git fork.

Edit: Ah, sorry, I see... it's the website that's the problem... it looks like an improper if statement in askbot/skins/default/templates/macros.html:

{% if not %}<br/>{% endif %}

this seems useless, since the website comes below anyway... just leaving the <br/> works fine.

2015-10-05 10:58:33 -0500 marked best answer Why is my forum turning unicode characters into question marks?Why is my forum turning unicode characters into question marks?

When I enter characters with diacritics, like ā in a question on my AskBot installation, they are converted to question marks. Why would that be?

2015-10-05 10:57:15 -0500 marked best answer How to perform Template() on askbot setting?

I'm pretty new to Python, and Django is even more unfamiliar, but I was trying to find a simple hack that would process a text-based askbot setting using the Django Template() function, specifically here:

Where what I would like to do something remotely like:

if getattr(askbot_settings, 'FORUM_FAQ',''):
    faq = Template(FORUM_FAQ)
    return render_into_skin(faq, data, request)

which of course doesn't work for various reasons. My question is, what exactly are the intermediate steps to get something like this to work, so that FORUM_FAQ can contain template tags like {{settings.MIN_REP_TO_VOTE_UP}}, be processed to replace these tags, then fed into an HTTP request like faq.htm?

It seems like it should be pretty easy, but again, I don't know either python or django (or askbot) well enough to figure it out.

2015-10-05 10:57:13 -0500 marked best answer Why is the facebook signin button commented out?

I've been wondering why my Askbot site didn't have a facebook sign-in button, so I looked through the source and found that in the file:


The facebook entry is commented out. Removing the comments restores the button. Am I missing something? Why is it commented out in the code?

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2011-07-29 09:48:07 -0500 marked best answer Should social sharing buttons be moved?

Maybe there is a way to improve the widget to make it use space more efficiently? How about allowing site owners select which sharing tools to enable?

The problem if you move the buttons elsewhere they will be used less often, the spot on the left top is the best and a tenth of a square inch for those buttons is a good use of space.

2011-07-29 09:47:54 -0500 commented answer Should social sharing buttons be moved?
yeah, I agree. problem is there are really so many sharing sites available :) I ended up doing what you suggest by changing the "enable social sharing" to providing an option to enable each individually.
2011-07-29 03:24:45 -0500 asked a question How to make sidebar widgets rearrangeable?

I created a new branch with sidebar settings for each of:

  • main page
  • question page
  • profile page

There's only a header and footer for the profile page, but more can be added in the future. What I'd like to try next, but am not sure how to go about it, is allowing the widgets to be rearranged. Any ideas?

2011-07-28 23:45:00 -0500 asked a question Should social sharing buttons be moved?

I just added a linkedin button below the twitter/facebook buttons. Combined with the g+ button, it's starting to clutter - maybe it would be better to move the buttons to a different place? Or have them show on demand?

2011-07-28 22:45:33 -0500 commented question Voting without karma should result in a tooltip
It works fine on my test site - both kinds of vote trigger a notice if karma is not enough.
2011-07-28 22:19:17 -0500 commented answer footer links to social networking sites and link to tags
note: google+ doesn't seem to have such a link available:
2011-07-28 22:16:02 -0500 commented question footer links to social networking sites and link to tags
note that it is incorrect to say that 'every question has a footer'... on stackexchange, only those questions _without answers_ have this footer, hence the "else" tag in the example below.
2011-07-28 22:10:12 -0500 answered a question footer links to social networking sites and link to tags

Not sure if it's kosher to just copy the code verbatim, but this seems to work:

    {% if answers %}


    {% else %}
        <h2 class="share-question">{% trans url=settings.APP_URL+question.get_absolute_url()|iriencode, name=settings.APP_SHORT_NAME|iriencode %}Know someone who can answer?  Share a <a href="{{ url }}">link</a> to this question via 
            <a href="mailto:?subject={{ name }}&amp;body={{ url }}">email</a>, 
            <a href="{{ url }}">Twitter</a>, 
            <a href="{{ url }}">Facebook</a>, or
            <a href=";url={{ url }}&amp;source={{ name }}">Linkedin</a>.{% endtrans %}
    {% endif %}
2011-07-28 21:42:40 -0500 commented answer tag cloud?
great! let me know if there's anything else I can do.
2011-07-28 21:41:06 -0500 commented answer Have a "print" style & button on the question page
great. I'm still not a pro with git... it seems to want to merge my branches automatically when I switch back and forth... have to read up on it.
2011-07-28 21:40:16 -0500 marked best answer Can we convert the tag background into CSS?

But the tags are fully customizable right now too - just override the existing css rules. The tags are rendered fully via css.

There is one specific need answered by the current tag HTML - support "sliding doors" technique to use with the background images as some people will sure want to use background images.

Also, in some web-browsers rounded css corners are not supported.

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2011-07-28 04:40:18 -0500 answered a question Have a "print" style & button on the question page

I've added a 'print' branch to my repository... @Evgeny - maybe you can let me know what you think?

2011-07-28 03:16:47 -0500 asked a question Can we convert the tag background into CSS?

I've worked out CSS code for the tags:

<div style="float: left; display: inline-block; height:16px;background-color:#FAFAFA;border-radius:8px 0 0 8px; position:relative; padding-right:6px; border-right: 1px #CCCCCC solid; border-bottom: 1px #CCCCCC solid; border-top: 1px #EEEEEE solid; border-left: 1px #EEEEEE solid; ">
    <div style="border: 1px #CCCCCC solid; border-radius:6px;margin:5px;position:absolute; width:5px;height:5px; background-color:white"></div>
    <span style="font-size: 11px;margin-left:16px; vertical-align:center;white-space: nowrap;line-height: 18px; color:#333333">test tag</span>

that gives an output almost exactly like the tags as they are, only it is now fully customizable via custom css.

2011-07-28 00:26:03 -0500 commented answer Is custom favicon working?
re: tests - thanks, I'll do that from now on.
2011-07-28 00:25:00 -0500 commented answer Is custom favicon working?
Oh, I'm sorry, again I changed something on the production server but forgot to go back and edit the dev code. setting.SITE_FAVICON should be settings.SITE_FAVICON Fixed now.
2011-07-27 21:08:11 -0500 commented answer Is custom favicon working?
ah, this is new to me... I don't quite understand test cases, but I can run that command before committing, sure.
2011-07-27 08:47:44 -0500 commented answer Is custom favicon working?
try my github fork... it should work.
2011-07-26 23:59:14 -0500 commented answer make the side elements optional
custom header and footer for the sidebar is now up as well. One day maybe wordpress widgets :)
2011-07-26 23:33:39 -0500 asked a question Is custom favicon working?

I think custom favicon is broken, or at least I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... I've fixed it on my github, by changing base.html as follows:

    {% if settings.SITE_FAVICON %}
        <link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{ settings.SITE_FAVICON|media }}" />
    {% else %}
        <link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{ '/m/default/media/images/favicon.gif'|media }}" />
    {% endif %}

I also changed the default for settings.SITE_FAVICON to reflect what was in this file originally (/m/default/media/images/favicon.gif). I think /images/favicon.gif does not exist. If it works as I think it should, there is really no need for the if/else in the above code; simply:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{ settings.SITE_FAVICON|media }}" />

should capture the default if set correctly. I can't test this, though, since there seems to be no way to reset the defaults... guess I could hack the database...

2011-07-26 22:14:58 -0500 answered a question make the side elements optional

Okay, done... I added a new config section, SIDEBAR_SETTINGS, because I think there is room for development in this area... no need to clutter up another settings page, and we can also configure sidebars for questions here as well. Somehow it would be nice to have an html header and footer for the sidebar too... I'll add that to my git, Evgeny can decide what to do with it all :) The three sidebar options are already on my github fork.

2011-07-26 21:52:56 -0500 commented question make the side elements optional
actually, this feature is a trivial thing to implement, but I wonder how to do the settings... maybe I'll go ahead and add some settings to Skin and User... can always move them later.