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2010-06-23 14:43:48 -0500 answered a question What user moderation tools are necessary?

I think that if we can suspend users we already have many power :)

2010-06-23 14:39:53 -0500 marked best answer My toughts about askbot

Hi Jeremy, thanks for sharing.

I will respond to the "horrible accusations" :).

  • ease of installation issue was addressed - the package is available on the official Python Package Index and installable with easy_install askbot command. In some cases some dependency libraries will still need to be installed separately though and this will be improved upon.

  • moderation tools - I agree are important, in fact they should have been developed before. I will collect the list of requirements for this and will just get it done.

  • confusing code - yes it is not simple - but to really compare you need to try reading others code as well ;). Developer documentation is the only real way to fix that. Creating documentation is part of the current focus.

  • that few people use askbot for some reason - well I think the main reason is that this project was launched after others had a chance to advertise. So I don't buy this one :) - the software in askbot is no less mature than in other similar projects. In fact I think askbot has a chance to be the most stable and dependable software of them all.

Anyway - I think that evaluating more options is a good thing to do because it helps to make a more informed decision.

Thanks again for your input!

2010-06-23 05:10:55 -0500 asked a question My toughts about askbot

Hello all, specially Evgeny, sorry, this is not a question but I didn't know where to put it.

My little project is going to move, I have a nephew (older than me, but my nephew :) who's going to help me after he finishes the university exams and while I'm in vacations. Unfortunatelly we talked the other weekend and decided to use another project, it was mainly my nephew's idea, but he's more advanced user than me. But I would like to share my thoughts about the project and also his arguments I can remember, maybe you can reply to the "accusations" :)

My toughts:

  • I think askbot looks nice I just don't like so many gray, but the colors I think we can change easy.
  • I don't think it has many features, but I don't need a lots of features, the only thing I miss is moderation things.
  • It was a bit hard to install (on my computer) and had some problems, but then it run ok.
  • The people involved are not many but are very helpful.

Michel (my nephew) arguments:

  • He does not like the look, says is confuse, but that's a metter of taste :) I like it
  • He says the code is to confuse to. He was planning to make the moderation features, and that was one of his great arguments, because the other project has many
  • This one is stupid, but he says that there aren't many sites using askbot for a reason, but I believe this is a very new project and that it will have his share in the future

Thanks for your support and good luck with the project.

2010-06-14 09:05:44 -0500 commented answer How to moderate users?
Did you send anything? I didn't get anything yet.
2010-06-13 15:34:34 -0500 commented answer How to moderate users?
I'm still not sure of wat I want to implment. But if you can suggest someone that will be good.
2010-06-13 15:11:00 -0500 commented answer How to moderate users?
How can i sponsor the project?
2010-06-13 15:10:08 -0500 commented answer How to moderate users?
My plan is to use english, I'm taking english classes to improve it because I'm going to work in US at the end of the year. I want a forum about french cars, but there are many in french already, but I don't know any in english.
2010-06-13 14:47:05 -0500 asked a question How to moderate users?

Hello, my project is about cars. I don't have many free time and knoledge, but I'm in no hurry to. I participate in many forums about cars, mainly in french, and I know that people usually behave bad in these forums.

I tested askbot in my computer but there's one thing I can't find is how to moderate users, like baning and and give or take them points.

What are my options?

PS: If there's no moderation functions I can pay someone to do it (but not that much). Do you recomend someone, or is one of the askbot developers available to do that? Tanks

2010-06-13 14:32:26 -0500 commented answer sorry, system error, what to do?
Tanks a lot, that worked :)
2010-06-10 15:34:16 -0500 answered a question sorry, system error, what to do?

I believe the mysql version is 5. The other one I don't know, I just used the links in that page you talked about. Now how can I update the site? I installed the git and did git clone, but it does no work now.

2010-06-09 20:35:32 -0500 answered a question sorry, system error, what to do?

The file you said is empty.

When I get into the site first is see:


Location: /questions/

The Django Debug Toolbar has intercepted a redirect to the above URL for debug viewing purposes. You can click the above link to continue with the redirect as normal. If you'd like to disable this feature, set the DEBUGTOOLBARCONFIG dictionary's key INTERCEPT_REDIRECTS to False.

Then I click on /questions/ and I see a lot of stuff, but I think the most important si this:

TemplateSyntaxError at /questions/

Caught DatabaseError while rendering: for SELECT DISTINCT, ORDER BY expressions must appear in select list LINE 1: ...author_id") WHERE ("question"."id" IN (1)) ORDER BY RANDOM()

Want me to put the entire thing here?

2010-06-09 19:23:59 -0500 asked a question sorry, system error, what to do?

Sorry for asking again without the other question being answered. But while I waited I loged in with yahoo and posted a test question, but now almost every place I click I get this page:

sorry, system error

system error log is recorded, error will be fixed as soon as possible please report the error to the site administrators if you wish

* back to previous page
* see latest questions
* see tags

what I did wrong?

2010-06-09 19:05:41 -0500 commented question I can't login with the uder I created.
By the way, it was very hard to install, I have to install at least 20 different things.
2010-06-09 19:05:01 -0500 asked a question I can't login with the uder I created.

Hello again. I just installed the askbot in my computer. When I did the syncdb command, I was asked to create a super user, and I did. But now that askbot is running, I don't see where I can login.

2010-06-09 19:03:11 -0500 commented answer Need help installing.
It does not say that in the INSTALL. Thanks. I have another question now, but I'll put in another question.
2010-06-09 18:49:06 -0500 commented answer Need help installing.
And how do I install the other recaptcha thing?
2010-06-09 18:07:25 -0500 asked a question Need help installing.

Hello, I still did not created my site, but I'm trying to test askbot in my computer. I'm almost finishing it, but there are some things I still couldn't do.

One thing is I cannot install mysql.python. I've researched and I found places that say that mysql-python does not work on windows. Is it true?

Then I have to install the recaptcha things. I can't use easy_install with those, but I go to the urls in the INSTALL file and I don't understand what I have to do.

Can you help me?

2010-05-25 18:08:12 -0500 commented answer How is the number of views calculated on askbot?
Is that fixed already? The view count is not increasing so fast now.
2010-05-17 16:58:24 -0500 asked a question How is the number of views calculated on askbot?

Hello, I notice that all the questions on askbot have many views, and I also noticed that if I click a question and then go back to home page, and then click again and go back, the count only updates one time. But still there are many views on questions, specially considering that there are few users and many have a "last seen" date longer than a month, and that the number of ansewrs and comments is low.

So how are these numbers possible? How do the count works?

2010-05-14 04:15:01 -0500 commented answer How to install askbot on free hosting account at
Great. I really like to see the things in the moment.
2010-05-13 18:02:17 -0500 commented answer How to install askbot on free hosting account at
Good. But are they instant or not?
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