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2016-07-27 17:04:31 -0600 commented answer Does Askbot support content Pre-Moderation?

I was referring to the open source code hosted on If I understand you correctly, pre-moderation is not included there, but you could make it available to paying customers? I noticed for example, that pre-moderation is used on the version running here, as my post needed to be pre-approved.

2016-07-27 00:11:06 -0600 asked a question Does Askbot support content Pre-Moderation?

I am looking into solutions for a project I am starting. Askbot seems to be a great foundation, but one feature that seems to be missing is pre-moderation. Is there an option to require moderators to pre-approve posts before they are shown on the website?

If not, do you have any recommendations for me how to build in this feature? I am thinking of just adding a boolean field to the relevant models such as is_approved which defaults to False and then allow moderators to set it to True and having all the views filtering on is_approved=True. Any advice whether this sounds feasible or things I should be aware of?