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2011-10-09 12:29:35 -0500 asked a question Some Tag enhancements and features

Right now tags seem to be second class citizen, when compared to other data.

Clicking on a tag should provide a page with a description of the tag, along with the questions with the tag and also ability to subscribe via email or RSS.

Currently, clicking on a tag, does a ajaxy search of questions, with ability to add/remove tags from the search state. This is a nice feature too, but I guess the expected behaviour would be a page with only details of this particular tag.

What do you think? How do you think this can be implemented?

2011-10-07 14:44:32 -0500 commented question Is it possible to follow a user on AskBot?

Since this feature has been implemented, can this question be marked as resolved.

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2011-09-30 15:38:04 -0500 commented answer Inline editing?

But, then you won't get the wysiwyg editor and get to go back to previous revisions.

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2011-09-29 19:09:57 -0500 answered a question Inline editing?

Posting and editing comments is already inline. While editing a question or answer is not.

I guess a "quick edit" or a "qedit" button next to "edit" will do. I can work on django, but never looked at JS before ;)

I'll try to work on this feature.