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2012-01-20 14:32:17 -0600 commented answer What kind of integration with wordpress is possible?

@Evengy, that was my understanding too, however I'm trying to achieve something with SAML (using wordpress SAML Plugin), I think that can be only option if we need to support auto-login with common cookie/token.

2012-01-19 17:13:28 -0600 answered a question What kind of integration with wordpress is possible?

@Evgeny, are you saying that SSO is supported with Wordpress, than how to manage session with wsgi and modphp/fcgiphp?

I understand that only sync is possible! Please can you tell us in detail, would help to understand as I was on track of thinking intermediate token base solution between wordpress and phython django!

2012-01-19 05:10:21 -0600 commented answer Did anyone tried with Gevent?

@Evgeny, can you share your configurations?

2012-01-19 05:09:25 -0600 commented answer Did anyone tried with Gevent?

@Evgeny, can you advise any python tools that can give 360 degree view with performance statistic, e.g. sql call, function call, view rendering time. I'd be interested to see, what are the bottleneck and can I sort them out with conf twicks.

2012-01-19 05:07:16 -0600 commented answer Did anyone tried with Gevent?

I'm doing a feasibility study for one of my client, will try to develop as case study. So far, gevent & uwsgi seems to be far ahead than other, particularly with nginx as reverse proxy, I've achieved 280 req/s with 1-2 sec avg. response time on m1.large (aws), aggressive caching.

2012-01-16 18:24:30 -0600 commented answer Is there any possiblities, that askbot will provide support for solr?

Cheers! Evgeny, check your email.

2012-01-16 18:09:07 -0600 asked a question Did anyone tried with Gevent?

I found it's good lightweight server, if you are running python django.

Would be interested to learn, thinking to deploy behind Nigix reverse proxy! Any thoughts guys.


2012-01-14 17:05:19 -0600 commented answer Is there any possiblities, that askbot will provide support for solr?

Thanks, I'm planning to hire some developer who can help to integrate with solr with metadata search, I have large article/blog site with 200 articles a month, and would like to integrate both Q&A community with wordpress article site so based on labels and other metadata, the both system can display similar content.

2012-01-12 04:59:13 -0600 answered a question Can I use MySQL InnoDB?

@Evengy, it would be great, if you have any documentation/article to say how we can configure haystack with askbot, it will be big+ for user like who prefer solr over sphinx.

Thanks, N.

2012-01-12 04:26:34 -0600 asked a question Is there any possiblities, that askbot will provide support for solr?

Hi, we have decided to go ahead with solr as our primary search server, is there any future plan to support solr?


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2012-01-06 20:45:03 -0600 answered a question get_askbot_sphinx_config

Got the answer.

Please update your documentation, the command name is get_askbot_sphinx_search_config.

The documentation says, python get_askbot_sphinx_config > sphinx.conf


Wonderful system, really impressed.

=================== Update =====================

I found, the system is only compatible with Sphnix 0.9.8 and with x0113 version API. I'm not sure if it is my limited knowledge that didn't make it working with any other version or not. But certainly confirm that it is working fine with Sphnix 0.9.8.

Worked great with Wordpress Sphnix + AskBot Sphnix module and now able to show aggregated result after a bit tricks. Amazing guys, keep it up, it has long way to go.

You have beat OSQA and Shapado by far... ;)

2012-01-06 20:42:03 -0600 asked a question get_askbot_sphinx_config

Python get_askbot_sphinx_config > /etc/sphinxsearch/sphinx.conf Unknown command: 'get_askbot_sphinx_config' Type ' help' for usage.

Getting above error when trying to configure sphinx.

==== UPDATE ====

Sphinx seems to be working fine, but now getting error

File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/djangosphinx/", line 53$ raise SearchError, client.GetLastError()

I understand, the latest djangosphinx package is not compatible with it. Not sure where I mistaken.