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2015-10-05 10:58:33 -0500 marked best answer Can we have a paid installation service for askbot?

Let us say maybe people can donate $25 to the project if they want to have askbot installed on their own machine with the help from another community members

This might help adoption of the software and help the project financially too

2015-10-05 10:58:33 -0500 marked best answer How do I update askbot?

Let's say I have installed Askbot with pip install askbot

How do I update askbot in the future?


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2012-03-23 09:27:04 -0500 marked best answer sitemap.xml is using

The sitemap.xml is using instead of the real domain name.

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2012-03-09 23:39:15 -0500 commented question Cannot use international characters in title

Same with Chinese

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2011-11-20 05:14:16 -0500 marked best answer sitemap.xml is using

This is set through the django admin interface at the moment, the url is /admin accessible only to the site administrators, go to that url, scroll to sites, click on "" and change to "".

Not so convenient, I've retagged your question as the "feature-request" and will remember to make this setting easier to find.

This is a screenshot of our "sites" admin page:

image description

And the site record itself:

image description

Also, it is important that SITE_ID setting value in your is the same as the ID of the intended record in the admin panel:

SITE_ID = 1 #site id is 1 in our case - it is part of url in the above image
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2011-10-09 03:06:54 -0500 asked a question How powerful is the attachment management?

A possible instance of Askbot requires a lot of attachment (mostly pictures).

I am wondering how powerful the attachment management is at this point. Should I opt to use such that I can use Amazon S3?

2011-06-27 13:41:17 -0500 answered a question What are the most important functions of a forum?

Well, as long as you have enough members, the functions really don't matter. People are still using Usenet

2011-06-20 11:49:06 -0500 commented question Language feature
hmmm, might not be a top priority. More like a nice to have feature....
2011-06-19 03:37:20 -0500 asked a question How can we improve SEO for AskBot?

I have noticed that the urls is not always pretty for AskBot. How can we make Askbot more SEO friendly?

I guess the golden rule is here:

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2011-06-14 17:51:52 -0500 answered a question If I import data from StackExchange, will my original URLs work?

There might be problems in the url:

Compare this url


Please notice the stackexchange is using questions, and there is no en in the url

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2011-06-13 10:42:48 -0500 commented answer Ask by email not working?
Tried. No go. Does it work for you?
2011-06-12 19:32:35 -0500 asked a question What is the best way to replace "question" with "post"?


I want to use AskBot as a forum instead of a Q&A site, hence I would like to replace "question" with "post"

There are several things I need to do:

  • For all urls, replace "question" with "post"

  • For all the texts, replace "question" with "post"

Any ideas?

2011-06-12 13:14:59 -0500 marked best answer Can we have a paid installation service for askbot?

Hi guys,

For those who would rather spend a few dollars than some time - we provide paid installation, maintenance and development services, if interested - please contact

This is in addition to support at this forum, all free and in most cases quick. All of the documentation and the code are of course public and will continue to improve, no worries.

We appreciate support of several of you who helped develop the project financially as coding takes real time. Quite a few features were sponsored this year.