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Add comment in sluggish

In Ask Fedora instance, adding a comment takes a long time. Refer to for a report.

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asked 2013-04-12 16:03:36 -0500
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1 Answer


There are two parts to this issue: sending email alerts takes time and it will delay making posts, if alerts are sent synchronously. To address this - enable the celery daemon, with that messages will be sent asynchronously.

Secondly - in the older version of askbot the updated comment shows only after the server gives response. The newer version 0.7.49, when released will have instant comment display, future versions will have instant question and answer display as well.

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answered 2013-04-12 16:07:39 -0500, updated 2013-04-12 16:08:42 -0500
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Any ETA for the .49 release? We should be able to deploy it quickly after the official release. Thanks!

mether's avatar mether (2013-04-12 16:13:50 -0500) edit
mether's avatar mether (2013-04-20 19:37:23 -0500) edit
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