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The best workflow to develop Askbot

I've been using askbot for a while and feel extremely happy with it. However, it comes to a point where I need some customization, for example:

  • Change existing Askbot Javascript code
  • Add new custom javascript file to the site
  • Change some UI-wise feature (add small description to the homepage)
  • Add new functionality: add invite to answer feature
  • Integrate search with Lucene to search inside comment, uploaded files, etc.

So, my thought is to fork Askbot and develop on a independent source branch myself. I can pull changes from the original source if you have any update later.

In the documentation, you mentioned about setting up a development environment:

python develop #the develop option will not install askbot into the python site packages directory

but is this the correct way if I want to deploy the source code to production server? (You're using pip install askbot to deploy it to production, which is great, but how can I create the package from the source code in git). Is there any kind of developer guide for kick-starting my askbot development (I'm very new to Python/Django development)?

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Vu Quang Chien
asked 2013-09-09 23:37:03 -0500
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I was able to use python develop both in the local development environment and production server. I have also set up remote git repo at the same production server. My workflow is basically I push my commit to the remote repo then merge into the production code.

apg's avatar apg (2013-09-16 06:54:53 -0500) edit
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If you would like to develop askbot independently - then just fork and continue on your own.

For development - clone the repository on your computer, then run python develop, it's more convenient than using pip (it is possible to clone git/svn/hg etc repositories with pip too with pip install -e git+..., but not really necessary for the development unless you want to pull dependencies from the repos as well).

We accept pull requests via github, but strongly prefer to use topic branches (strictly one feature/bug fix per branch). Thanks!

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answered 2013-09-23 15:50:56 -0500
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