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Email subscription in plain text with markdown

asked 2014-10-14 17:09:10 -0600

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I view my emails in plain text. For example, emails from stackexchange look fine both in html and in plain text. When in plain text, they are formatted in Markdown - [name] (url) for links, * text * for bold/emphasis.
In contrast, the emails from Ask Fedora viewed in plain text do not show the links in any way. Before I switched to HTML mode to troubleshoot this, I did not even know that there were links in the email.

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answered 2014-10-15 19:10:17 -0600

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discussed this a bit at:

I checked the RSS feed, and it looks like legit markdown. so maybe it's just the emails.

  • celery task [send_instant_notifications_about_activity_in_post](https:// send the email and calls
  • [askbot.models.format_instant_notification_email](https:// which in turn calls
  • [askbot.mail.send_mail](https:// which in turn calls
  • [askbot.utils.html.get_text_from_html](https:// which
  • uses BeautifulSoup to transform the html into text; that's the part that strips html tags and that you would want to edit if you wanted to give the markdown syntax instead.

If you were going that route I would suggest to have footer notes e.g.

This is some email content with [some text][1].
Please check [your answer][2] or visit [your profile][3].

[1]: http://...
[2]: https://...
[3]: https://...

... rather than inline links.

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