Some page is rendered partially in English and partially in Chinese

Sometimes (both on linux and windows, Firefox) it happens that pages are rendered with a different language from the one selected or in in a mix of language. It happened right now with the question Improving documentation. There is a screenshot for the issue.

I'm not able to give a recipe to reproduce this behavior, it seems to happen "randomly". The good news is that refreshing the page is enough to fix the thing.

Any thougt?

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updated 2011-08-05 04:18:56 -0500, asked 2011-08-05 02:34:48 -0500
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I think @Evgeny was testing this site during that time
mether's avatar mether (2011-08-05 04:45:01 -0500) edit
It is a bug in the multilingual site, if you have just one language, there is no problem like that. Still need to look at that.
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2011-08-05 06:59:22 -0500) edit
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