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live settings about downvoting karma loss

On live settings there are two values that affect downvoting:

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From what I see there, I would expect that when I downvote a user, this user loses -1 and I lose -2. However this is not true (hopefully - it's not reasonable to lose more than the bad post). In fact, when I downvote a user, he loses -2 and I lose -1 (which now make more sense).

So at the beggining I though the bug was that the captions in live settings have been put the other way round. They are not. I noticed in FAQ page, there is a reference on {{REP_LOSS_FOR_RECEIVING_DOWNVOTE}} that returns -1, like the setting Loss for owner of post that was downvoted.

So, in my opinion there are 2 bugs (maybe minor):

  1. The default values are not reasonable. User that downvotes shouldn't lose more that user that has a bad post. The default values should be the other way round.
  2. The functionality of downvoting uses the two settings the opposite way.

To see what I mean, check this: In file /, lines 341,354-356:


It is clear that author (of the bad post) loses REP_LOSS_FOR_DOWNVOTING and user (the one that noticed the bad post) loses REP_LOSS_FOR_RECEIVING_DOWNVOTE. It should be the other way round, isn't it?

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asked 2012-05-20 11:42:47 -0500, updated 2012-05-20 13:15:49 -0500
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1 Answer


Fixed in the repo and will be in 0.7.44, hopefully next week.

The rep loss must be the same as gain -10. This bug went unnoticed for 2 years, maybe it shows that downvotes are very infrequent. I am actually thinking of making the downvote button optional.

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answered 2012-05-20 12:08:13 -0500
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So the fixes will include the above mentioned 2 issues, plus a new default value of -10 in one of the settings?

zaf's avatar zaf (2012-05-20 12:53:43 -0500) edit

I've just changed the default from -1 to -10, I think that fixes the issues. The downvoter gets -2 and the recipient -10.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-05-20 13:03:38 -0500) edit

(where did my previous comment go...) @Evgeny check my updated question. I think that if you only change the default value from -1 to -100, then user will lose -10 and author -2, which doesn't seem right, does it?

zaf's avatar zaf (2012-05-20 13:18:52 -0500) edit

Thank you for spotting this! Just pushed a fix for this too.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-05-20 13:34:21 -0500) edit

Ok, thanks for fixing this. I guess you may also want to make default -2 to -1, so that user that downvotes a post, loses 1 point and not 2. Anyway, thanks!

zaf's avatar zaf (2012-05-20 14:29:20 -0500) edit
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