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When will askbot work with Django 1.4?

asked 2012-07-24 09:41:55 -0600

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updated 2012-07-24 16:27:24 -0600

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When I try to install askbot with pip I get the following error.

Source in /some_path/python-environments/20110830200031/build/django has the version 1.4, which does not match the requirement django==1.3.1 (from askbot)

Does askbot not support Django 1.4? If not are there plans to change this?

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answered 2012-07-24 10:20:16 -0600

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Django 1.4 support will be added in version 0.7.45.

We need to make the upcoming version quite soon, so unfortunately Django 1.4 support will not make it there.

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Asked: 2012-07-24 09:41:55 -0600

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