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2013-05-28 03:30:24 -0600 commented answer How to change Askbot Look and Feel

Maybe you also want to look at which has an awesome UI kit.

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2013-03-15 17:00:58 -0600 answered a question Unable to start Apache Server-Error in RewriteEngine

Looks like you don't have mod_rewrite enabled. Probably you're on Debian or Ubuntu which have a pretty modular Apache so you need to check if you actually installed the necessary module.

On CentOS there is a line like this in httpd.conf::

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

That line will load mod_rewrite and then 'RewriteEngine on' should work as well (assuming of course the module itself is installed).

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2013-01-15 12:57:39 -0600 answered a question Why so many open pull requests?

In addition what Evgeny said I'd like to add that at least some of the pull requests look 'invalid' to me. At least one is clearly superseeded by an updated pull request. Another one just replaces 'karma' with 'reputation' without justification or backwards compatibility.

I suspect at least 1/3 of the pull requests is invalid but still a lot of developer time wasted. Probably you could get more useful contributions if you (Evgeny) had the time to share you thoughts/critic on the pull requests.

It might also help to have a publicly available continuous testing server (prominently displayed) so developers will be more aware of the testing requirement.

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2013-01-12 08:12:26 -0600 asked a question State of spam block features?

Currently I run a bbPress based forum to support the user base of MediaCore but I'd like to migrate to a system which is better maintained and I like the StackOverflow-style forums for QA questions.

Askbot seems like a good fit as MediaCore is written in Python as well (though more on the Pylons/Pyramid side).

Now my main concern is spam blocking. Currently the forum gets a lot of spam (> 500 spam posts per day) and most of it is blocked by akismet. image description

I read that akismet is now supported which seems to be a good start (that's what we use currently as well). I think big issue with spamming on the current forum is that anonymous users can post/tag.

Can I prevent anonymous users from posting/commenting in askbot?

Also currently the forum will block users if I mark a post as "spam". I think that's also a very important functionality, is that possible currently with askbot?

If some of the features require custom development, that isn't a big problem. However some pointers would be helpful (which modules to change, possible interfaces to implement, ...).