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2013-11-29 06:04:27 -0600 asked a question Prevent and fix tags starting with a hash-sign

On there are a lot of tags starting with '#', resulting in redundant tags like navigation/#navigation, trashing the tag subscriptions etc.

Additional info mentioned in the local issue on github:

If one person makes this mistake the tag gets added to the database. Once it's in the database it goes into the suggested tags drop down. And because the # alphabetized earlier people see the #xxx version first and select it instead of xxx.

I've manually fixed all the tags on answers but they remain in the suggestion drop down.

Two improvements possible:

  • Sort the tag suggestions by their popularity instead of alphabetical.
  • Do not display tags with zero usage count.
2013-03-27 06:56:39 -0600 asked a question karma vs buttons curiosities (e.g. not working delete button)

On ROS Answers we experience curiosities with the edit/close/flag/.. buttons for questions and answers, but not for every user. Examples:

  • delete buttons visible but neither justified nor working (karma to low)
  • flag button not visible
  • edit button on other's wiki posts not visible (back in January; I myself see one now)

For reference the related question on ROS Answers and related comments on ROS Answers.

Is this a general issue or related to site configuration?

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2013-03-04 05:20:43 -0600 asked a question FAQ's karma list generated automatically

The ROS' Askbot's karma config had been modified now and then and so the FAQ page seems invalid.

The numbers given in the karma requirements list should be retrieved from the configuration, not edited manually, which might be overlooked.

Also the list should be more complete.

2013-03-04 04:58:08 -0600 commented question Add link to FAQ page in welcome banner.

upvote Thought exactly the same today.

2013-03-04 04:36:52 -0600 commented question "30 karma points required to post link" but user wasn't trying to post link

Recently saw similar complaint for ROS' Askbot (version 0.7.44)

2013-03-04 04:29:31 -0600 commented question User gains karma for accepting own answer

Though this would motivate questioners to contribute the solution they found themselves.