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2012-06-09 20:40:42 -0600 asked a question AJAX responses sometimes don't work with 500 error due to exception

This isn't really a "question"… but I'm not sure where to file bugs as the Redmine instance wasn't allowing me to file anything.

Easy way to see this happen on 0.7.43: Add a comment, try to upvote it yourself. It happens in a few other places too, but this is easy to duplicate.

Instead of returning the error "You can't upvote your own comments" there is an HTTP 500 error. Looking at the backtrace, the problem is that the PermissionDenied exception does not have a "messages" variable. The hacky way to fix this (and what I'm using right now) is to change utils/ to

            if isinstance(e, Exception) and hasattr(e, 'messages'):

I'm sure there's a better way, but this at least has fixed the issues so we don't have errors in production.

Thank you.